I’m new at this. Maybe you are, too.

In the past year I started my first ever full-time position as a worship leader! It’s a dream come true. I’ve spent most jobs I’ve had thinking, “I’d rather be working with a church figuring out how to best engage people with God.” The dream has come true.

This site is dedicated to recording the journey. I don’t want to forget what it’s like. Ideally, it’ll be good for you, too.


So, you’re the new worship leader?

“You’re the guy/gal! Do the thing.” – Every Pastor

“I’m it, huh? Alright! I’ll just do the thing! So, what should I do first? Hm, got a guitar, bible… stapler… yep.” – Every New Worship Leader

Have you been there? Are you there now?

My Story

In June 2016 I accepted my first full-time worship leading position with an established congregation in Midwestern America. My education and years as a volunteer prepared me for this, but now that it’s happened in my early 30s I’m realizing I’m not as prepared as I thought… I think? In my first week I came up with some really good questions:

“What do I do first? Then what do I do? How much time do I spend on things? What things do I spend my time on? Who do I talk to about issues? What’s my role and how do I work with other people? When do I eat lunch? Is this real?”

Thankfully nothing has crumbled around me (so far). I’m learning something new every week. In fact, I’m learning plenty of new things every week, which is exactly what has inspired me to start keeping track. I’m learning so much that I’d love to share the journey with others.

Maybe you’re new in your position, or have been there a long time. Maybe you’re not sure if you’ll learn, or have anything to share with others. Guess what? I promise, you will. And guess what else? It’s nice to journey along with someone, learn by someone else’s mistakes, be inspired, laugh and connect with others who are in the same boat as you.

I’m writing for a few reasons:

  1. To track the journey of my learning. Every day I’m forgetting more and more that lost and clueless, just-starting-out feeling; good for working, bad for sharing.
  2. To share what I’m learning with others. I desire to mentor, disciple, and teach. This is a way I can do that for whomever is interested.
  3. To write. I love writing for both information sharing and as a process for learning.

I’m not writing to be the next big blogger. I’ll share my first name and my experiences, and I hope that’s enough. I’d love to connect with people and learn together. If we connect and we’re close, let’s get coffee; if we’re not close, let’s Skype/FaceTime/Hangout. Maybe we’ll meet up at a conference. As a heads up, when we meet, I will do all I can to learn from you.

Your Story

Let’s journey together. Let’s learn from each other. If you have something you’re learning, please teach me. If these posts are helpful, share, comment, and converse. Feel free to disagree with me; let’s sharpen one another. And finally, let’s pray for each other. We are a tribe of worshipers leading others as best we can toward the Triune God.

Let’s do the thing!